ETMA’s investment in renewable energy sources

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O investimento na ETMA nos painéis fotovoltaicos é mais uma prova do nosso esforço por um desenvolvimento sustentável

All human activity, especially industrial character, has environmental effects.


ETMA and renewable energy sources

ETMA is a company worried about balancing economic growth and environmental preservation. As result of its business strategy, it intends to continue the bet on quality products at competitive prices – both in national and international markets – as a way of continuing to sustain the growth of its activity but always keeping in mind the environment protection.

A few decades ago, industry was generating pollutants which were considered to be an inevitable consequence of industrial processes. That “inevitability” resulted in a considerable degree of environmental deterioration all around the world. Currently the global concern for environmental performance is increasing and ETMA is not an exception.

The energy production paradigm is the one that is adapting most rapidly to new realities: the use of fossil fuels is unsustainable and, on the other hand, the use of so-called renewable energy sources for electricity production is becoming more and more a global bet.

The main advantage of using solar energy is the sustainability and care for the environment. Sunlight is an endless and constant energy source and, in addition, the process of sunlight transformation into energy is totally clean, doesn’t generate any type of waste: on air, water or soil pollution. Furthermore, keeping solar panels operating for long periods is a task that doesn’t require high investments, maintenance is simple and both economically and environmentally friendly.


The investment in photovoltaic panels

ISO 14001 Certified since 2010 in Environmental Management, ETMA is committed to pollution prevention and continuous improvement as part of the normal business cycle. In 2015, ETMA invested in photovoltaic panels, a bet that has a huge importance for the company since solar energy is a clean, environmentally sustainable energy.

This project had an investment of around 100.000€, with 320 installed panels in 3 strategic areas, in order to obtain a better solar performance. In 2016, ETMA data showed a total solar output of 39,453 kW, which is equivalent to an average 2% reduction in the monthly expenditure on energy consumption. The investments are to be continued as the company intends to increase the percentage of solar energy produced, betting on the installation of more photovoltaic panels before the year 2020.

The reasons cited above have led ETMA to consider photovoltaic panels as a sustainable option for energy production, not harming the environment and safeguarding the natural resources for the next generations.

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