The first half of 2019 promotes investments in innovative technologies

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ETMA’s evolution is intrinsically linked to the constant commitment to the technological progress and innovative methodologies and equipment. The company continually invests in the best management, logistics and production solutions, and is equipped with cutting-edge technology. It also has technical know-how of almost eight decades in order to responsibly and effectively comply with the demands of the markets it operates.

Based on the Kaizen Japanese method, continuous improvement is a major concern for the company. Over the past five years, ETMA has invested 10 million euros to upgrade its facilities and purchase new equipment. In the first half of this year, Quality, Production and Shipping have mainly been strengthened.


Quality Department

ETMA is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 quality management standards and the ISO 14001:2015environmental standard. All inspection data is centralised in dedicated software that allows immediate analysis by Statistical Process Control (SPC) – EGITRON during production.

Production always ends with quality management, which certifies the product and guarantees the required specifications and excellence of the manufactured parts.

For the products to be monitored and verified with the utmost rigour, ETMA has a laboratory with qualified technicians and last generation equipment that ensure the good performance of the entire production process.

Recently, the company acquired new machines such as:

  • CMM machines for contact measurement through 3D model-based programming of the parts.
  • Profilometer for surface measurement to evaluate the profile and contour of the parts in a single pass with very high precision.
  • Traction/Compression machine up to 2500N with 0.1N resolution.  This machine allows automatic spring and force testing to collect data for processing.


Production Unit and Dispatch

Lately, ETMA’s production capacity has been increased to meet the market demands. Every year, around 330 million pieces are produced. To keep this constant dynamic, there has been a strong focus on process automation, bringing greater rigour in product quality.

The installation of Formula Decimal F10 software, for example, resulted in the full automation of the surface treatment line. This makes the process more efficient, ensures superior product quality and enables better customer service.

In order to reinforce the new tooling area and eliminate potential bottlenecks, we have invested in a state-of-the-art wire erosion machine (WEDM), the Fanuc Robocut C600iB. To optimise the process and beating, washing and drying, making it faster and more effective, Rollwasch has also been installed.

Logistics capacity is another example of ETMA’s added value, and the area of ​​expedition is fundamental for the good operation of the company. The vertical Modula Lift cabinet was the solution found for storing industrial products, components and spare parts. This new device allows to reorganise and improve workflow for its flexibility and ease of use. The result: faster and more efficient dispatch capability.



These constant investments in technology allow ETMA to indelibly position itself in the markets that it operates. Production processes become more effective, production capacity increases and excellent quality levels are achieved in each part produced.

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