Going for a bike ride? ETMA goes with you!

3 junio, 2020 No Comments

Whether it is for convenience, sports or simply for leisure riding a bicycle has become more popular. It all starts with the first ride and then the bicycle is already part of our life.

Riding a bicycle is an increasingly visible trend particularly in cities presenting itself as the most intelligent solution for mobility in congested urban centers.

This may also have been one of the main reasons why, in 2018, the United Nations General Assembly decided to declare World Bicycle Day, acknowledging  “the uniqueness, longevity and versatility” of a “simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation” fostering “environmental stewardship and health”.

But, why is it important to ETMA Metal Parts to mark World Bicycle Day?

When producing parts for bicycles manufacturers ETMA feels that it is also contributing to a more sustainable future. ETMA is proud of being part of the urban daily life of those who travel by bicycle to work or, simply, those who use it for fun or playing sports.

ETMA produces many parts that make it possible to manufacture millions of bicycles worldwide, namely parts that fit in the saddle, the side kickstand, the electric battery, the basket, the chain, among others.

Like all the other metallic components that ETMA produces, the manufacture of customized metal parts for bicycles it is also produced through ETMA’s 10 Integrated Productive Processes. ETMA’s goal is always to have continuous improvement as it looks for the most recent production technologies.

Therefore through the 10 Integrated Productive Processes, ETMA assures the customer the follow-up from the project to the final piece, assuring the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction (logistics and quality)
  • Greater quality control
  • Greater flexibility

If you are going for a ride on your bike today, do not forget that you take a small part of ETMA with you too! 😉