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It is within the scope of ETMA’s Recognition Policy « #MORE VALUE » that the item TOGETHER MAKING HISTORY is framed, with the objective of marking different phases of connection of its employees to the company. In this context, regarding the 15 years of ETMA that the employees Carmindo Soares and Henrique Lima complete this month of June, and through this article, we intend to thank two more of the « cog parts » of the company, its evolution and its future.


At the age of 15, Carmindo Soares joined Grundig’s training centre, where he took the locksmith course. A phase of his life that would dictate his professional future, first as a locksmith in that same multinational and, 25 years later, joining ETMA.

His arrival at ETMA came at a time when the company was looking for professionals in the area of metalwork and the name of Carmindo Soares was suggested by an employee. At the time, he joined as a locksmith and, as he recalls, « I took the tasks that were given to me. As the trust they placed in me grew, they gave me more tasks of greater difficulty and responsibility ».

This is how, with the skills he has acquired over the last 15 years, he has also risen through the ranks, having gone from operator to head of section, firstly of the Maintenance Locksmiths and the Presses, and currently of the New Tools Metalworking.

When questioned about the differences found between the first company where he worked and ETMA, Carmindo Soares is very clear in replying that they are « very different management realities », mainly in what concerns the distance between Management and operators. « At ETMA there is no verticality, so we easily have access to an administrator or to someone with greater responsibility in the company. In the previous company this was practically unthinkable for us to have this direct contact », he underlined.

A verticality that also does not exist in the social gatherings and activities held by the company throughout the year, stating that in these moments of « motivation and unity, everyone is on the same level », and adding that he sees ETMA « as a family ».

Congratulations Carmindo Soares for your 15 years at ETMA. An excellent technician and promoter of unity between people, Carmindo is always cheerful, in a good mood and available to help the company and his colleagues.



Despite having only the 9th grade, when Henrique Lima arrived at ETMA he already had 9 years of professional experience in the turning area. Since then, he confesses to have « learnt a lot », even because « I did not work in mechanical machines and when I arrived at ETMA it was all CNC ». This fact allowed him to evolve and adapt to new technologies and new ways and methods of working.
Today, Henrique is a CNC lathe tuner, in the single-spindle turning sector, and recognises that, « despite my initial lack of know-how, ETMA gave me the opportunity and the conditions to improve and evolve ».

When questioned about the differences he found between the previous company where he worked and ETMA, Henrique mentions the « treatment of people and, in terms of hierarchy, being easy to deal with any issue or problem with the superiors », feeling that « here we work as a team ».

Another two aspects of the company that he highlights, and to which he attaches great importance, is not only the fact that the company « offers good conditions, even in terms of benefits », but also that it encourages various dynamics outside of work among employees, « allowing greater interaction between all colleagues, which is not always possible on a day-to-day basis ».

Although he is not used to « thinking long term », at the moment he feels « satisfied, motivated and useful in the company ». Therefore, he sees himself, « in the future, continuing at ETMA ».

Congratulations Henrique Lima for your 15 years at ETMA. Henrique is a good professional, very valid, stable, dedicated and compliant.

It is with great pride that ETMA sees itself in these two employees. Whatever depends on the company, we will always be by your side and of the remaining ETMA Family in this already long path towards success.
Thank you for being part of our history!