Wire forming: a detailed view

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Conformado de alambre: al detalle

Nowadays, with the CNC machines ETMA has at its disposal, the three-dimensional forming of wire and tube responds to ETMA’s clients needs for a wide range of diameters: from 2 to 16 millimeters.

This productive process has been increasing its volume within ETMA over the last years and today is a part of its industrial core, the 10 integrated production processes. But this is a recent story! (find out why below)


The addition to the 10 integrated production processes

The challenge was launched by many of ETMA customers, who demonstrated the need to use this productive process for the development of their parts, thus ensuring that ETMA could be the transversal response to their requirements.

Now, listening to the call of its customers and with the clear intention to assert itself as an integral response to the subcontracting needs in this industry, ETMA established Wire Forming in its facilities in 2015, thus complementing its range of transformation.


A equipa de Conformação de Arame desempenha um papel fundamental junto dos clientes da ETMAThe team

The team that ETMA has at its customers’ disposal for this production process is constituted by Engineers and specialized technicians with an extensive market experience.

The Wire Forming team plays a key role with ETMA customers, providing advisory for the best production plans and the development of the required parts as well as the improvement.


The continuous investment in wire forming

Since the integration of this process, ETMA has been investing in a logic of continuous investment in productive equipment, now being a fully automated process, thanks to the acquisition of the Robot ABB which allowed to create a robotized manufacturing cell.

The acquisition of the new equipment resulted in a significant increase in ETMA’s productivity regarding the Wire Forming process, thus reinforcing its competitiveness in the sector as well as the flexibility in responding to customer requests for both small, medium and large series.

Read further below to meet the set of equipments ETMA has available for this production process.


Os requisitos de qualidade dos clientes são sempre assegurados

Competitive advantages in wire forming

There are many competitive advantages associated to this productive process, thus demonstrating ETMA real specific capabilities nowadays:

  • Production equipment with capacity for a wide range of diameters (between 2mm and 16mm);
  • Ability to work any raw material, as long as provided in roll;
  • Flexibility to produce small, medium and large production series;
  • Specialized technical team, able to optimize and automate production avoiding the use of second operations;
  • The integration of this process into the 10 integrated production processes, which enables the delivery of a superior product in terms of complexity and, on the client side, a far more competitive cost per unit;
  • Quality certification (ISO 9001 / IATF 16949), thus ensuring the quality requirements of customers


For whom does ETMA produce

Wire forming has been a process quite requested by different business areas.

However, it is important to highlight the following:


Conformação de arame, um dos processos produtivos integrado na nossa oferta de 10 processos integradosProduction equipment and other details

ETMA has the following equipment set available in this productive process:

  • Latour Robomac 216 CNC;
  • Maquisis NC 3-13;
  • Maquisis NC 1-6;
  • Robot ABB
  • Prensa Hans Schoen MTE

All the information regarding (the productive process) of Wire Forming is available here

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