For the manufacture of metal parts, screws and rivets, ETMA has the capacity to work wires with a diameter between 1.5mm and 12mm in double blow and multi slide horizontal presses and in a variety of materials. We can finish the forged parts in secondary operations by turning, transfer turning and milling in pallet changing centres.


• We have a technical team capable of designing and manufacturing parts in order to respond competitively to the customer


• Wire: Steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper


• We have double blow horizontal presses, multi slide presses and threading and slotting units
• Moroni MB765, Multipress MP 510, MP 410
• Carlo Salvi RF/SV, RF 500, RF560 SV, RF-DL 330 SV, Pressvit SU-8
• Mauro Pasquali
• Ingramatic RP-1, RP-3, GR-1 e Pressvit B5 IB 120
• Chun Zu
• Pfiffner NFA3


• Screws with different threads: plastics (ejot-pt type), self-tapping plate (Parker- Kalon), wood and particle boards (AGL), metric screws (M2 até M12) resistance class up to 12.9 and self-tapping 3-lobe (DIN 7500 standard)
• Rivets: Semi punched, blind, centring devices, shafts
• Compression limiters, bushes, spacers, eyelets, among others

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