To respond effectively to your needs, ETMA has at your disposal a section for the manufacture of tools and equipments. We develop the tools that will be used in the manufacture of your parts, as well as assembly, inspection and sorting equipments, among others.
• Progressive tools for stamping for eccentric presses and high speed press (Bruderer)
• Forming tools (Bihler)
• Conforming tools
• Cold forging tools (double tap and multi slide)
• Transfer assembly machines
• Robotic assembly machine
• Optical sorting machines
• Torque controlled sorting machines


• We have an engineering and design team to help you find the most cost- effective solutions for the production of tools and equipment, assuring a minimum level of production of parts


In the manufacture of tools and equipment, ETMA has a complete range of machines (wire erosion and drilling, low and high rotation machining centres, parallel and cylindrical grinding, manual lathes and CNC, precision drills, welding, heat treatments, etc.)
• Wire erosion machines: Agiecharmilles AC Classic v2, AgieCut 1000, AgieCut Classic2S, Erosion Drill, Agietron 50
• Parallel and cylindrical grinding machines: Tachella 612UN, I4am, Stefor RTA 500, Stefor RTB 8/5, Deckel
• Milling machine: DMG DMC 635 Ecoline, Mikron VCE 800Pro, Bridgeport BR2J
• Lathes: Graziano SAG22, Cazeneuve HB500, Emco concept turn 55-2


• Circuits, springs, clips, terminals, contacts
• Bushes, shafts, couplings, knurled and threaded parts
• Rivets: Semi punched, blind, centring devices, shafts
• Compression limiters, spacers, eyelets, among others

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