In order to keep up with the needs of the market, ETMA has a department with equipment for universal and/or custom made automatic inspection, for full control, according to the client’s control and inspection plan. The sorting operation is made according to the client’s requirements, but we highlight some of the processes used: 1- visual, appearance and form; 2- visual or dimensional, with artificial vision cameras; 3- dimensional with latest generation lasers; 4- Eddy currents for the detection of hardness and superficial defects; 5- torque control, etc.


• Our technical team is capable of performing dimensional and visual sorting, with the appropriate measurement instruments and the rigor that this process requires. We are also able to develop and/or adapt equipment according to the customer’s needs


• Steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper


• Mectron LT350
• General Inspecion 300
• Omron Vision
• Vimetrica
• Equipment developed to fit the needs of the client


• Brake nuts, springs, hinges, clips, terminals, washers, electrical connectors, tubes, protection boxes, shafts, spindles, screws, circuits, parts for injectors, bushes, compression limiters, knurled parts, rivets, assembled sets, among others

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