ETMA Metal Parts towards decarbonisation

4 juin, 2024 No Comments

The climate crisis is no longer a topic that leaves anyone indifferent, and the carbon footprint plays a key role in this context.

Not unaware of this fact, ETMA felt that calculating its carbon footprint and implementing measures to reduce it would also be a way of helping to minimise the impact of its activity on the environment in line with the ESG strategy!

This concept of carbon footprint quantifies the direct and indirect GHG emissions produced in a given activity or process, and is expressed in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg CO2eq). This is a methodology developed so that companies, associations and even individuals themselves can understand the impact of their activities on the atmosphere.


ETMA uses the GHG Protocol guidelines to calculate its carbon footprint, covering direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2) emissions:

Results and progress:                   

At ETMA, its CO2e intensity (per unit of sales) was reduced by 62% from 2015 to 2023.

Main implemented actions to reach this result:

  • Energy efficiency (LED, reduction of energy wastes)
  • Onsite solar panel
  • Replacement of automobile fleet with electric vehicles and installing chargers

Reduction targets:

ETMA is committed to reducing its carbon footprint compared to the base year (CO2e intensity per unit of sales) by 64% by 2025.

Initiatives include:

ETMA continues to explore new technologies and sustainable practices to further reduce its carbon footprint.

  • Energy Efficiency: Implementation of energy efficiency projects.

A commitment from all of us!

The climate crisis is a reality that can no longer be ignored, and our actions, whether corporate, organisational or individual, have a significant impact. Measuring, understanding and reducing our carbon footprint is therefore an essential step if we are to protect our planet for future generations.

By adopting a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle, we are helping to build a better world. In this respect, ETMA and its employees are already making their contribution.