Environmental certification as a competitive differential

5 June, 2020 No Comments

“The environmental certification NP EN ISO 14001:2015, attained in 2009 demonstrates that ETMA Metal Parts is concerned in developing actions of sustainability and control of its environmental impact. It is also important to note that from a financial point of view it means a medium to long term cost-reduction through the optimization of resources and the control of legal aspects”. This is the statement of ETMA’s Environmental Manager, Carla Rodrigues, to mark the World Environment Day celebrated on June 5.

In addition, Carla Rodrigues highlights that “analysing today’s market, we find that environmental certification is a value-adding component to our company and therefore to our clients since it represents the company’s concern for the future. Thus, ETMA Metal Parts is able to identify the opportunities and threats that the environment presents while it ensures that the products supplied are in accordance with the requirements of quality and sustainability of the client itself“.

To that end, “what motivates ETMA to achieve official recognition is the legitimacy and competitive differential that environmental certification represents in the market” states the environmental manager.

Learn more about ETMA’s actions on an ongoing reinforcement of the environmental sustainability by clicking here.