ETMA confirms its investment in the two-wheel industry

21 March, 2022 No Comments

ETMA’s strategic investment in diverse operations in several markets must undoubtedly include bicycle, moped and motorcycle – and its components – industries, especially since ETMA is based in Portugal, a country that built a strong reputation as a market leader and reference for Europe in such industries.

Therefore, being aware of Portuguese position in the two-wheel industry and its growing notoriety and worldwide renown, ETMA hits the market with its 10 Integrated Production Processes as a competitive advantage, enabling to follow up on the custom parts production from the design, so that they deliver the intended function and are manufactured as efficiently as possible.

ETMA has already manufactured parts in such industry for Portuguese and other European manufacturers and has been demonstrating its advanced skills and technical expertise by meeting the challenging needs of that market.

Some examples of parts manufactured include:

Considering its history in automotive industry – and more recently, in the two-wheel cluster – ETMA is well prepared to manufacture and enhance its parts quality and innovation with its customers.