“ETMA is like a second home to me”

21 January, 2022 No Comments

Maria Helena Cruz started working at ETMA in 1992 as a Receptionist/Telephonist and since then has been an active part of the company. It’s been 30 years of professional growth, filled with taking on new challenges, skills and responsibilities that have inevitably accompanied the company’s own evolution.

Recalling her early years at ETMA, Maria Helena says that “initially, and although I liked my duties, I felt a little limited, since I wanted to do more and I felt capable of doing it”. And it was this proactivity towards work that ended up being noticed by those who dealt with her daily and gave her the opportunity to grow within the company, particularly in recent years.

Thus, her progression within ETMA went through the Backoffice and Purchasing areas, taking on the role of Commercial Assistant.

Empathetic, professional, zealous for the company’s interests and always ready to help colleagues, these are the main characteristics that can easily be attributed to Maria Helena by those who collaborate and live with her daily. His sense of sharing, mutual help and teamwork also reflect the legacy of the founder of ETMA who, as Maria Helena recalls, “through his assertiveness he left great values ​​to the company and to those who worked with him”. And she adds, “Mário Rodrigues da Costa continues to be an example to follow”.

Asked how she feels about working at ETMA, Maria Helena emphasizes that “this company is like a second home for me. Here I feel good, happy and valued. I am motivated to continue my professional future here.”

Maria Helena’s career progression within ETMA is a reflection of the fact that, in this company, People are one of its strategic pillars, also fundamental for its own growth and evolution.

Thank you Maria Helena Cruz for these 3 decades of dedication to ETMA!