ETMA joins the Corporate Mobility Pact for the City of Braga

23 June, 2022 No Comments

ETMA is one of the companies that signed the Corporate Mobility Pact (CMP) of Braga, which recently held a signing ceremony in the presence of the President of the Republic of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

CMP of Braga is an initiative promoted by the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Portugal) and by the City Council of Braga, which aims to connect businesses, institutions, and the city of Braga with the purpose of actively improving and transforming mobility in the city.

Given its location in the urban perimeter, ETMA immediately made itself available to help build a more sustainable, efficient, and inclusive urban center, with the goal of performing its role in establishing an ecosystem capable of yielding solutions for decarbonizing mobility, as well as making mobility more inclusive and technological.

In this context, according to the corporate mobility commitments/actions catalog that makes up the CMP of Braga, ETMA agreed to the following actions:

Under the slogan “PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT TOGETHER”, through the years, the company has developed a set of actions (click here to find out more), which, together, reasserts its commitment to:

  • Identify and reduce environmental impacts caused by its activities;
  • Establish and manage environmental goals and objectives set in the environmental management plan, ensuring the necessary means to its compliance. And therefore, continuously improving its environmental performance.
  • Promote the rational and efficient use of raw materials, energy, and natural resources.

And ETMA’s contribution to environmental sustainability certainly will not stop here.