ETMA Metal Parts and Kika Design offer visors to the portuguese heroes

6 April, 2020 No Comments

Yet another contribution in aiding the fight against COVID-19

In a challenge that KIKA DESIGN presented to ETMA Metal Parts, it will soon be possible, during an initial phase, to offer 5000 protective visors to the first line Health Professionals, as well as to Firefighters, Security Officers, Carers, etc. – these are the real Portuguese Heroes in the fight against COVID-19.

KIKA DESIGN, a media and communications agency located in Vieira do Minho, has developed a project for the manufacture of visors – which have already been delivered to media and advertisement companies all across the nation which use laser or CNC machinery.

This PPE will, completely free of charge, be distributed to the healthcare professionals in the fields targeted by the companies involved in this project. This will be yet another contribution to combat the Covid-19 disease.  The idea is successful and there are currently several companies that have accepted this challenge.

During an initial phase, individually and with production being almost exclusively indoors, KIKA DESIGN was outsourcing only the metallic parts from an external supplier. This third party’s supply eventually ran out – this was when ETMA was contacted. This challenge was immediately accepted on behalf of ETMA’s management.

The combined goal of the two companies is, first and foremost, to help protect the Portuguese Heroes (frontline healthcare professionals, security officers, firefighters, nursing home carers, etc).

Neither ETMA METAL PARTS nor KIKA DESIGN will charge a single euro for the supply of this equipment, as the sole purpose of this initiative is to help – and not take advantage of the critical situation that the country is currently in.

During this initial phase, ETMA is producing 10000 metallic parts which will result in the production of 5000 visors.

ETMA is also challenging all those who are able to contribute, in some form or another, to take the same initiative. Only by joining forces will we be able to gain an advantage in this battle.

ETMA is immediately, and within their capabilities, offering to contribute, whenever possible and as requested, to help combat this current epidemic.

We’re willing to help!

We can get through this together!