ETMA reinforces bet on Industry 4.0

12 September, 2022 No Comments

Aiming to develop a collaborative tool to manage operational risks, from which the different areas of a company can access the management of the risks resulting from the production processes, ETMA now integrates the consortium that is developing the CORIM project – Collaborative Tool for Operational Risk Management.

Besides ETMA, this consortium is composed of the company that leads the project, PRAGMASOFT – Sistemas de Automação e Controlo, and of the non-business entities CATIM – Centro de Apoio Tecnológico à Indústria Metalomecânica and University of Minho.

This three-year Research & Development (R&D) project, which was approved within the Portugal 2020 framework, seeks to introduce a new concept of integrated management of operational risks in an industrial setting, through a collaborative tool that will provide support to the decision making on actions dealing with risks.

We have already started to define a solution by surveying requirements and conceiving a method for the integrated management of risks as well as support algorithms which will be tested with real data. These will be interconnected in a collaborative environment (in this case, ETMA), which will be implemented through computerised means.

CORIM project is structured in 8 activities with a logical sequence:

It’s in this setting that the promoters of the CORIM project intend to meet the emerging needs of the companies, given that a solution with a capacity to analyse and relate data in real time will be developed, hence, preparing the companies for the new trends, demands and challenges of the Industry 4.0, by strengthening the research, innovation and technological development.

ETMA is proud to take part in such a project and contribute to improve the efficiency and quality standards of the industry, as well as to be always one step ahead in the development of new solutions and tools of excellence to provide support to the production.

Based on the concepts disseminated by the Industry 4.0, which are key to answering the demands of the metallurgy and metalworking sectors, ETMA gives priority, for that same reason, to innovation, knowledge and technology to boost the sector in which it operates, always counting on its strategic partners for this continuous evolution.