ETMA strengthens their manufacturing line with another next generation equipment

23 November, 2020 No Comments

ETMA recently acquired a new next generation press. This is the 2000 KN Hydraulic Press, with control of force and/or programmable position to obtain greater control and flexibility in the manufacturing processes.

Purpose-built according to ETMA’s needs, this new equipment presents itself not only as a reinforcement to the current manufacturing line, but also intends, in the future, to evolve into an alternative and produce larger and more complex parts.

Processes: cutting, deep stamping, cold forging, progressive stamping tools and/or transfer.

ETMA’s productive capacity is ensured by its diversity and 80 years’ experience in stamping processes. It should be remembered that ETMA already has eccentric presses that cover the capacity for stamping parts that are 3 mm thick and 400 mm wide. An example of this are the equipment in Stamping, such as Bruderer, Legnani, Press Ross, Yangli, among others.

Preparing for the future, the new acquisition of 2000 KN Hydraulic Press is, thus, another step that ETMA takes in accompanying the vanguard technology in the demanding component area for the various sectors where it operates.

This new equipment has as main technical characteristics:

  • Pressing force (adjustable) of 200 ton
  • Ejector force of 30 ton
  • Main cylinder stroke of 600 mm
  • Downward speed (fast approach) of 350 mm/s
  • Downward speed (work) of 20 mm/s
  • Upward speed (return) of 350 mm/s
  • Clearance between columns of 620 mm
  • Table dimensions of 1400 x 900 mm
  • Slide dimensions of 1100 x 800 mm

This equipment is capable of producing electrical circuits and clamp systems’ parts for filters for the automotive industry.

Some examples are: