ETMA’s contribution to the electrical sector

10 May, 2022 No Comments

In more than 80 years of activity, the electrical sector has been one of ETMA’s most developed business area, for which it offers a vast know-how, technological capacity, experience, and high quality.

Along with the components produced for this sector – especially low and medium voltage parts -, both for Portuguese manufacturers and worldwide well-known companies, ETMA has been demonstrating its high capacity and technical know-how in meeting the demanding needs of the market.

In this regard, and always in close partnership with each customer, a dedicated and qualified technical team provides support since the product development phase, finding the right raw materials and the ideal production process for the specific requirements and the respective application of each product.


ETMA thus presents itself in the market with the competitive advantage of its unique 10 Integrated Production Processes system, which allows monitoring the customized creation of the components from the design phase, so that they fulfill the function for which they were designed, as well as being produced with the highest level of efficiency.

Circuit breakers, electrical switchboards, sockets, and switches are some of the many and diverse use of the components produced by ETMA for the electrical sector.

You can identify some of these components in the image below:


ETMA’s historical product, the terminal blocks, is a clear example of the many advantages the customer has in hiring a company that aggregates the various productive processes.

Each year, millions of terminal blocks are produced in Bihler equipment in about 30 different types, according to the customer’s specifications, involving the following production processes:


As already mentioned, ETMA develops integrated solutions thinking on the particularities of each product for the most diverse industries in the electrical sector that use metal components, integrating more than one production process. The company also offers the ability to assemble these same parts into plastic components, as shown in some of the following examples:

Click here to learn about the case study of a terminal block for the electrical sector involving the 10 Productive Processes system.

In the Porto Canal TV show “É bem feito”, it is possible to see the complex system of production of a terminal block set, where this small component is included.


ETMA is proud to have, in its portfolio, national and worldwide reference customers in the electric market, among which are:

The 10 Integrated Production Processes system adds many advantages to the customer, that is:

  • Greater control of the processes and their interaction and, consequently, greater flexibility;
  • Reduced lead times, as the processes and respective treatments are performed indoors;
  • Reduction of logistical costs;
  • Optimization of product specifications;
  • Reduction of quality costs;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Diversified know-how covering different skills.

In conclusion, the experience built up over the years allows ETMA to understand the needs of each customer and, in advance, to study and test the interconnection of the productive processes to be involved.