ETMA’s Environmental responsibility highlighted at L’Usine Nouvelle

31 March, 2023 No Comments

ETMA’s openly eco-responsible stance was highlighted in the March edition of the French magazine “L’Usine Nouvelle” which, among the most diverse investments made by the company over the years, highlighted the fact that it is certified by the ISO 14001 standard.

In this article it can also be read that ETMA “…has assumed a strong commitment to its environmental responsibility, being first and foremost at the forefront of the best that exists in the treatment of its effluents”.

The “heavy investment in photovoltaic panels”, as well as the “great effort in reusing machine cleaning cloths” and the “valorization of its waste (since 2019, all waste resulting from its activity is entrusted to an authorized operator, being 79% subject to a recovery operation”, were also highlighted by “L’Usine Nouvelle” as examples of good environmental, preventive and mitigating practices, developed by ETMA, within the scope of its Environmental Management System.

According to the director of the Environment Department, Carla Rodrigues, “ETMA is flattered by this highlight in the French press. A recognition that encourages us to continue to be an ecofriendly company and to motivate our employees even more to the importance of maintaining good environmental practices”.

Under the slogan “PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT TOGETHER”, through the years, the company has developed a set of actions (click here to find out more), which, together, reasserts its commitment to:

  • Identify and reduce environmental impacts caused by its activities;
  • Establish and manage environmental goals and objectives set in the environmental management plan, ensuring the necessary means to its compliance. And therefore, continuously improving its environmental performance.
  • Promote the rational and efficient use of raw materials, energy, and natural resources.

And ETMA’s contribution to environmental sustainability certainly will not stop here.

With regard to environmental sustainability, ETMA will undoubtedly continue to reinforce its contribution towards protecting the environment.