ETMA’s social responsibility action boosts social and professional training project

29 June, 2023 No Comments

In the scope of its social responsibility policy “IMPROVING LIVES – TOGETHER FOR A CAUSE”, ETMA, together with its employees and the artisan Tereza Paula, developed in the first semester of this year a set of actions that allowed launching the bases for the development of a project of capacitation, self-valorisation and, in the future, potential social and professional integration of these Afghan women who are currently institutionalised in ADOLESCERE – institution chosen by ETMA’s employees to sponsor throughout 2023.

It should be noted that, in this context, it is always ETMA’s objective not only to limit its help to financial support or donation of goods, but also to seek to go further, developing actions that truly make a difference in the lives of institutionalised people. Simultaneously transmitting and instilling social values not only among the company’s employees, but also in the community and society in general, inviting individuals, companies and entities from the most diverse areas to join in this practice of social responsibility.

In this context, after six months of sponsorship by ADOLESCERE, this article presents a brief balance of the actions carried out and the results already achieved.


SEWING WORKSHOP – March to May 2023

Through the partnership with the artisan Tereza Paula, weekly sewing training sessions were held under her guidance between May and April.

The success of this training action was only possible due to the donations raised in internal campaigns carried out by ETMA employees, which allowed the purchase of sewing material.

The feedback obtained could not have been better, as can be easily verified through the following testimonials.


As a result of the Sewing Workshop, the idea was born to create a project that not only gives continuity to the learning of this group of proactive women, but also enhances their social and professional integration in the surrounding community.

From the very beginning ETMA has encouraged and associated itself with this project, having already contributed with the materials and working tools necessary for its development.

In essence, it is a “project of love for sewing, for the meticulous work it involves, love for the planet in the reuse of materials and for the difference that distinguishes and unites us… From the Middle East to Europe. From Afghanistan to Portugal. With love”, as its promoters emphasise.

FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS – February to May 2023

ETMA developed among its employees some awareness campaigns for this cause, including the donation and fundraising for the purchase of goods requested by Adolescere (such as blankets, quilts and warm clothing), as well as work material and tools necessary for the development of the Sewing Workshop and for the start-up of the Sewing Project.

For the next six months, ETMA has already planned a new series of actions and dynamics with the involvement of its employees and partner companies, in the scope of this sponsorship, continuing to help these women to not feel so much the distance of their country of origin, providing them with “tools” for their social and professional empowerment in our country.