ETMA at the ICE Conference 2017

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ICE Conference 2017 | 27, 28, 29 June - Madeira, Portugal

On the next June 27, 28 and 29 a case study developed at ETMA will be presented at the 23rd ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference, which will take place in Madeira Island. The case study is entitled “Integration of Project Management with NPD Process”.


The case study

It arises from ETMA’s effort to improve its project management practices.

This study made a contribution on how a metalworking company should integrate project management with their established new tools development process. Additionally, a proposal is made about how ETMA should integrate the tools development project with the parts development project.

The integrated project management process has six main project management practices:

  1. Project charter;
  2. Initial project plan;
  3. Progress reports;
  4. Updated plan;
  5. Open point list;
  6. Lessons learned.

The development of the integrated project management process had the main theoretical foundation in the PMBoK, the most internationally known reference guide of knowledge in project management.


The implementation

The case study methodology applies to the reality of ETMA, so it does not allow generalizations, as the goal of this research was not to generalize discoveries but rather to make a contribution on the way ETMA can integrate project management with the new tools development process, serving as a benchmark to other companies of the same field and with similar problems.

The implementation of the integrated project management process will allow several benefits for ETMA:

  • Improve project planning in terms of time and cost;
  • Improve work monitoring;
  • Better communication among stakeholders;
  • Make predictions;
  • Communicate progresses made;
  • Ensure the satisfaction of customer requirements.


ICE Conference 2017

The case study will be presented at the 23rd ICE / IEEE Conference with the presence of researchers, innovators, industrialists, engineers and practitioners. It aims to contribute to the development of prospective engineering, technology and innovation solutions for industry and society challenges.

The conference will include distinguished speakers, an original set of paper sessions, workshops, presentations and round tables, where participants will share insights, practices, projects and case studies on this year’s theme: “Engineering, Technology and Innovation Management Beyond 2020: New Challenges, New Approaches “.

ICE Conference is one of the premier conferences associated with the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society and is organized by Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, UNINOVA together with Universidade do Minho.

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