Team Building 2018

22 October, 2018 No Comments

“One for All and All for One” is the motto adopted by ETMA for the annual Team Building exercise.



The purpose of this exercise is to work on the development of skills such as teamwork, leadership, conflict management and interpersonal relationships while providing a fun experience to all of the staff.

For this, several outdoor activities were developed during the training, such as group games, traditional games, orienteering, paintball, among others, blended to fit the company’s objectives.

All participants demonstrated great levels of competition. For each member a role was predefined and this made each one contribute to the success of the whole team. Through this dynamic it was possible to convey the reality of the work environment.

The teams developed competencies at:

  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Creation of a collective identity
  • Decision Making
  • Overcoming
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Continuous motivation


Exercise Planning

Stage 1
Group Reception
Presentation of the Activity

Stage 2
Icebreaking activity (interaction between all elements)

Stage 3
Briefing of activities (Presentation of the exercises, rules and objectives)
Activities plan (Activities development)

Stage 4
Collection of results

Stage 5
De-Briefing (Presentation of the results and farewell)



09h30 – Group Reception
10h00 – Team naming

  • Arborism+Slide
  • Land Adventure course
  • Paint Ball
  • Bumper Ball

13h00- Barbecue

  • Pedal kart
  • Save the Team
  • Best CH
  • Pull Up

In this activity 77 people participated and were divided into 11 teams. When the results were verified, there was a consistency due to the draws verified in both the 1st and 2nd place, with only one team in 3rd and one in 4th


Final Message

“And another Team Building action took place.

We arrived ready to live a day of adventure. We realized that being individualistic does not work and is exhausting. We live an extraordinary experience and learned to have confidence in a leader.

We showed positive attitudes and good humor. We worked on communication, commitment, integration, motivation and empathy. We broke mental boundaries and celebrated victory. We worked as a team and achieved goals.

We felt the taste of victory and worked with passion!”



It is not our fitness, but our attitude that determines what we can achieve. The quality of a company reaches as far as the quality of its collaborators allows.

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