“Together making history” for 15 years

4 August, 2023 No Comments

It is within the scope of ETMA’s Recognition Policy “#MORE VALUE” that the heading TOGETHER MAKING HISTORY is framed, with the objective of marking different phases of connection of its employees to the company. In this context, with regard to the 15 years of ETMA that employee Daniel Lopes completes this month of August, we sought to know his opinion on this already long relationship with the company.


Daniel Lopes had his first contact with ETMA when he did his internship at the company for the Electromechanical Maintenance Course, he was attending at the Alcaides de Faria Secondary School in Barcelos. When the internship ended, he received an invitation from ETMA to continue in the company and, since then, he has been here for 15 years.

“Over these years, I feel that I have evolved. When I started here, I only brought the basics, the theoretical principles and it was at ETMA that I learnt everything I know now”, emphasises Daniel Lopes. He adds that “it is in companies that you really learn”, not least because “the absorption of knowledge is completely different in theory and in practice”.

Having always been in the Maintenance Department, first more linked to the locksmith area and, later and until today, integrating the Mechanical Maintenance area, Daniel says that the mechanical part is really what he likes to do.

Daniel Lopes adds that he sees ETMA as “a family enterprise, where a person can grow and aspire to more. Every day I have this ambition to evolve and progress in my career here”. Although he says he has no ambitions for management positions, he emphasises that he enjoys learning and the challenge of career progression, while also seeking to be “one of the important parts of ETMA’s gear, to make a difference within the company and get a return on that”.

And he concludes by saying that he feels that “the company values its employees and our chiefs give us the autonomy we need to develop our work, which ends up motivating us even more. For me ETMA is the future!”

Congratulations Daniel Lopes for your 15 years at ETMA. Daniel is an excellent professional, proactive and always willing to learn.

 It is with great pride that ETMA sees itself in this employee. Whatever depends on the company, we will always be by your side and of the remaining ETMA Family in this already long path towards success.

Thank you for being part of our story!