Employee benefits policy

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Na ETMA, são privilegiadas relações de longo prazo com os nossos colaboradores.

ETMA values long-term relationships with its employees. The company believes that its work teams play a crucial role in the performance of the whole, therefore, it has developed a benefits policy that aims to attract the best employees, maintaining them for as long as possible.

For these reasons, ETMA is going to present a document that embodies all the benefits offered to its employees and, with that, ascertain the dedication that the company has regarding this subject.


Health first 

For ETMA, health is a priority. All employees that have been working for the company for one year are eligible for health insurance.

The limit of the insurance is up to the employee. If the employee prefers an upgrade to the solution suggested, ETMA will always fund the base amount.

This benefit is simultaneously a bonus for the employees that focus on staying at the company following the 1st year of their contract.


Protocols and partnerships

The set of protocols and partnerships established for this purpose was designed with the real needs of the employee in mind, and seek the stimulation of their well-being, along with a healthy lifestyle.

Ranging from optical care to pharmacies, medical centres and gyms. Every employee can benefit from reduced prices at the places with which ETMA has established protocols. And it doesn’t end here: many of them can also be enjoyed by the employee’s family!


Productivity incentives and annual bonuses

Individual and collective performance has been encouraged by an incentives policy for the monthly-based productivity. It is a way to reward, on a monthly basis, the performance achievements obtained, due to the capital gains attained by the company’s work teams.

At the individual level, and at the end of each year, an analysis of the Individual Performance Evaluation is carried out, which can result in the attribution of a performance bonus.


Incentive for the recommendation of improvements

The opinion of each employee is taken into deep consideration and is continuously fostered. At ETMA, the best solutions are presented by those who understand the problems, which means a Suggestion Box is available to every employee who wants to contribute with their recommendations or share their own points of view.

These suggestions are analysed every month and even led to the establishment of a creativity bonus, awarded to the employee that has the most valuable idea/suggestion.

The attribution of the bonus is carried out according to specific criteria, defined in order to reduce the discrepancy of the subjects covered, making it a fair bonus for every employee.


Events and team building

Events are an opportunity for relaxation and where the interaction between employees takes on a new meaning. They promote the creation of stronger bonds and the feeling of belonging to a great corporate family.

It is important to mention the yearly team building initiative, an event that has been gaining particular relevancy over the last years, and which simultaneously provides moments for acquaintance and relaxation, as well as team spirit motivation, a moment where union is truly felt as the collective driving force.

In addition to the team building event, the walk “Continuamos juntos” [We continue together] has also turned into an annual collective event. It started with the celebration of ETMA’s 75th anniversary and is now the commemoration of the strength that has united the ETMA family for so long.

Another great event is the Christmas gathering. A lunch that brings together the entire labour force and where baskets filled with products for the family Christmas dinner are gifted. See pictures of the 2018 Christmas Party here.


Regarding the most important moments in life

During the most important moments in its employees’ lives, ETMA also wanted be present. For the celebration of their wedding, and through the compliance of certain prerequisites, employees can rely on the company’s support, due to a protocol with a jewellery shop where they may purchase their wedding rings.

Following the birth of a child, ETMA gifts the employee a complete kit of baby products.

Retirement is another moment in life in which the company is present, providing benefits to the most loyal employees.


Employee recognition 

In a company with over 75 years in the market, and where good personal relationships are considered key for its continuous success, it is only natural that there exist attractive employee recognition policies. It is important to continuously remember that those with greater longevity in the company are ETMA’s real ambassadors and high-status professionals, with whom the consolidation and growth of the company began.

Long internal careers are therefore subject to recognition by the Management, for the years invested in its business ecosystem.



ETMA has been making significant efforts to find new ways of motivating its employees. The company is aware that the privilege of relying on united and strong work teams is not within easy reach and considers that this operating mode must be motivated and rewarded whenever possible.

It is important that the company uses its benefits policy to attract new workers with adequate characteristics for incorporation in this work culture.

ETMA aims to expand its benefits policy, further consolidating the company’s real interest in maintaining/attracting the best employees and growing together.

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