Explore the advantages of having ETMA as a partner in the development of a project with more than just a productive process

28 June, 2021 No Comments


The customer is an international group, a global supplier of components and sub-assemblies for the automotive sector. As it received a new project that needed to be developed from scratch, the client tried to avoid having to contract with multiple suppliers for the different production processes that the project required.


Based on the relationship of trust previously obtained in the development of other projects, the customer recognized once again at ETMA, and in its 10 Integrated Production Processes, the potential to embrace this new project. And this was not only due to ETMA’s production capacity, but also because of its know-how, and the fact that it performs an internal integration of all processes necessary to the manufacturing of the set of parts.


As already mentioned, ETMA’s ability to integrate several processes in the same project was an asset to the customer, so it was possible to establish, between the two parties, a collaborative spirit boosted by ETMA’s proposed solution, which involved the following Integrated Production Processes:

In terms of customer requirements, when ETMA received the first technical drawings, or the first ideas for the project, they were still very early sketches, practically with no measurements and without any major technical requirements, which were then improved over several months of negotiations that followed.

As a result, it was possible to optimize the consumption of raw material by reducing thickness and increasing mechanical characteristics, as well as, in terms of the production process, making the product more attractive from an economic point of view.

Thanks to the commitment and resilience of ETMA’s technical know-how, it was therefore possible to offer the customer a production proposal consisting of 8 parts and their respective assembly, with 5 different types and with a high, rigorous and consistent quality level.


As this is a very strict sector in terms of quality and lead times, this was a huge challenge for ETMA, but it managed, once again, to “bring it to a successful conclusion!”.

Through this project, ETMA demonstrated its ability to develop and produce a fully internal project from start to end by delivering to the customer the most advantageous solution.

After 3 years, this project is up and running, and ETMA continues to produce parts for the customer – around 100,000 units per year.


Through the unique offer of 10 Integrated Production Processes, the presented solution enabled the customer to meet their initial expectations, resulting into numerous advantages that only a partner like ETMA can offer, such as:

  • Greater control and interaction of processes and, consequently, greater flexibility;
  • Reduced lead times, as all the processes and their respective treatments are performed indoors, at ETMA’s facilities;
  • Easier to manage logistics, with lower costs;
  • Optimization of product specifications;
  • Reduction of quality costs;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Diversified know-how covering different skills.

It has been a long, very productive and collaborative work from a technical point of view, developing and optimizing processes, drawings, and material, achieving optimization in consumption of raw materials and other resources, until reaching a feasible, functional and economically interesting final result for both parties.Statement by Pedro L. Vargas | Corporate Purchasing Department, CIE Automotive


The case study presented here is another example of how ETMA handles each of the projects assigned to it. In this specific case, in addition to the combined benefit for both parties, it is important to emphasize, once again, the relationship of trust generated and the collaborative spirit that was created.

If you have a new project to develop and are looking for the best solution, or need an alternative to an existing project, ETMA is available to collaborate and help you find the best arrangement.

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