“#MORE FUTURE” – ETMA’S Career Progression Policy

5 September, 2023 No Comments

The possibility of growing professionally has always been a huge attraction in the process of attracting and retaining talent. An attentive professional who sees opportunities for growth and development within the company where they work will therefore have little reason to leave. Therefore, just as important as an adequate salary and a satisfactory working environment, the opportunities for career progression offered by the company are also valued by any employee.

Aware of this fact, ETMA has sought, through its Career Progression Policy “#MORE FUTURE”, to create conditions that enhance the professional development of its employees within the company. Proof of this is, for example, the fact that whenever the Administration and the Human Resources Department identify an employee who demonstrates that they have the dedication, training and/or the right profile to make the best contribution to the company, they offer them the opportunity to develop and progress.

The “#MORE FUTURE” policy thus refers to the professional development and growth opportunities offered by ETMA to its employees. In this sense, ETMA’s management:

  • Monitors the individual work of each employee;
  • Invests in individual performance by investing in training;
  • Shows confidence in the employee;
  • Challenges the employee to think about the next step.


ETMA’s leadership is based on valuing the individual’s journey and is attentive to the talents of each individual, being able to guide and show paths and opportunities, making employees take on skills and responsibilities that they had never thought of before. Many opportunities would be lost along the way if it weren’t for the intervention of this type of leadership.

This can be seen in the examples of Ricardo Pereira and Hélder Gomes, whose career progression is clearly shown in these two articles (please click on the links).

In this context, over the years ETMA has developed practices that encourage and challenge its employees to grow and acquire more and new skills that are valuable for their growth and evolution within the company. These practices include, for example:

  • Whenever an employee demonstrates competence and a desire to progress, either in terms of their job or in terms of moving to another department or sector, the company will, where necessary, cover the costs of the professional training required to make this change;
  • Creation of internal recruitment processes, with a view not only to retention, but also to giving internal talent the opportunity to develop and grow;
  • Encouraging people to share their opinions about the company, allowing them to stand out in the eyes of the board and management. Internal dynamics such as the “annual interviews” with employees, the “Chatting With…” section with a director chosen by the employee, and the “Open Innovation Program” (sharing ideas and solutions), offer ETMA employees the unique opportunity to give their feedback on the company’s activity, encouraging them not only to contribute to improvements, but also to find their own voice, allowing them to feel more secure and comfortable and thus demonstrate their ability to evolve within the company.

In conclusion, if a company is transparent and its leaders present themselves as intentionally available to their employees, everyone ends up having a broader vision of their work and, consequently, their careers.

It is therefore through this growth mindset that permeates the entire company that ETMA seeks to inspire its employees to take on new roles and progress in their careers.