How ETMA helped its customer Microplásticos to overcome logistics and quality problems in the asian market

18 března, 2021 No Comments


Client is part of an international group, with factories in Portugal and Poland, dedicated to the production of high precision plastic components that demand highest standards of technical excellence, in accordance with clients’ specific needs.

Having knowledge of ETMA’s existence and of its service offerings, we have started a conversation to support the client in solving a problem with an Asian supplier.


On the day client contacted ETMA, they were having serious complications regarding the production of an automotive component, which reflected both on a logistics level – given the geographical distance of the supplier (Asia) – and on a quality level – given the complex specifications of the component and of the raw material used in its production.


Facing this problem presented by the client and convinced that we would be able to help them to find a feasible alternative with better results, ETMA initiated a series of actions, both in-house and alongside its European suppliers.

Very early on, because the raw material was unique, ETMA’s first concern was finding an equal or similar material in the European market. Also, another concern was conducting a set of samples/tests to comply with certain requirements that were specified by the client, as it was a component used in the power steering system.

In summary, in addition to the research and selection of an alternative raw material, the solution presented by ETMA also involved the following Integrated Production Processes:


As a result of the commitment and resilience of ETMA’s technical know-how, we were able to provide the client with an offer to manufacture the component, which allowed them to overcome the constraints caused by their Asian supplier.

Thus, by finding the raw material and the appropriate technology for the requirements of the component, ETMA started to manufacture half a million of these components every year, demonstrating, once again, its strong productive capacity for mass production.

ETMA also demonstrated its production capacity for the entire project, where everything was done in-house, with its 10 Integrated Production Processes, which gives advantages to the customer, such as a greater control of all processes, reduced lead times and cost optimization.


Through the solution presented by ETMA, client solved their problem and was able to achieve a faster supply and improved quality assurance for the component, in addition to having advantages associated with geographical proximity with the supplier for a quick resolution of potential production problems that may arise.

“Effectively, ETMA was the partner we were looking for. They helped us to overcome this complicate situation we found ourselves in with our supply chain. We talked about a component of high geometrical and dimensional precision that could only be used with the technical precision and know-how that ETMA’s team have.” – customer statement Microplásticos.


In addition to having both parties benefit from this process, another aspect that is worth mentioning is the collaboration developed between the client and ETMA, as well as the response capacity that Portuguese organizations, such as ETMA, are able to present to the market, which draws on both its own internal capacity and the capacity of European partners.

“Together we are stronger” could very well be the statement that best embodies the fact that European quality is good, and that within the old continent, it is possible to find the best offers and solutions.

If you have a new project to develop and are looking for the best solution, or if you need an alternative to an existing project, ETMA is available to collaborate and help you to find the best answer.

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