ETMA’s Social Responsibility Policy

17 July, 2023 No Comments

Within the scope of its Social Responsibility Policy, ETMA has been developing and reinforcing, for several years now, a multiplicity of initiatives with the aim of valuing and promoting the well-being of the people who work in the company, as well as providing the connection and interaction with the community where it is integrated, through dynamics of respect for the environment and support for social causes.

Based on the company’s vision, mission and values, ETMA’s Responsibility Policy seeks to involve all its stakeholders, in order to always respect the general principles of ethics, namely:

  • Ethical behaviour based on respect for the individual and their rights;
  • Equality of rights and opportunities;
  • Opportunity for work and personal and professional development;
  • Creation of mechanisms to secure the future of employees;
  • Preservation and respect for the environment;
  • Trust and rigour in business relations;
  • Existence of a fairer and more supportive society;
  • Development of actions that bring benefits to society;
  • Participation in solidarity activities.

Thus, throughout this article will present the main measures and actions developed for this purpose and which also reveal the very close proximity that exists between employees, the hierarchical structure of the company and the surrounding community.

It should also be emphasised that these initiatives are developed in three distinct but complementary dimensions: own internal projects, with partners and volunteering.



Ambassadors of ETMA Values” is the result of a dynamic carried out among employees which had as its main objective to challenge them not only to reinforce the Values and Actions that reflect them in the company, but also to nominate the colleagues who they believe are the best representatives of each of these Values.

Within the framework of ETMA’s Social Responsibility Policy, the actions developed, internally and externally, are fundamentally based on the principles of two of these values, as presented below.


“To act honourably, with moral principles with regard to the rights of all employees, valuing them as individuals without discrimination.”

Susana Agra, Director of the Human Resources Department | ETMA Ambassador for the “Respect for People” Value



ETMA believes that people are its most precious asset, one of the pillars of its sustainability and one of the ingredients of its success formula. In this context, the company created the “#MAIS VALOR” Recognition Policy with the aim of recognising and valuing its employees and teams, through internal dynamics, recognition actions, various forms of tribute and even awards, among which the following stand out:

  • 100% ETMA TEAMS


Prioritising long-term relations, since 2018 that ETMA has been increasing, and successively updating, the “VIP plan” Benefits Policy that aims not only to attract the best professionals, but also to retain them.

As its name implies, “VIP plan” is exactly a benefits policy for the “very important person” in this company – its employees! A benefits plan that demonstrates the significant effort that ETMA has made over the last few years to attract, retain and develop employees capable of ensuring the continuity and sustainable growth of this company. Some examples of these benefits:

  • Health plan (insurance and vaccination)
  • Kit Bebé (Baby Kit)
  • Gift União (Union Gift)
  • Prémio Carreira (Career Award)
  • Pin de Reconhecimento (Recognition Pin)
  • Protocols with discounts
  • Incentives for productivity and awards
  • Activities outside the labour context


Considering the importance of the contribution of business organisations to a fully democratic and inclusive society, as well as the advantages of integrating a Gender Equality perspective in all areas of the company, ETMA has also included these concerns in its Employee Handbook – an internal code of conduct, which also addresses other issues such as sexual harassment, child labour and other exploitation of any kind.

At ETMA, the implementation of the equality plan and mainstreaming tools are regularly monitored internally for compliance and improvements. Some of the existing integration tools in the company include:

  • Employee Handbook;
  • Internal recruitment and career development policies;
  • Development of internal communication channels to sensitise employees on various topics, including gender equality:
    • Facebook private group;
    • Community on WhatsApp.


“”Ensuring a spirit of solidarity and unity with the aim of doing good for the community. Implement good environmental practices, reducing adverse effects resulting from the activity and protecting the environment.”


Over the years, Social Responsibility has also been growing and being increasingly assumed by ETMA to address the needs of the community. TOGETHER FOR A CAUSE is the motto that synthesises the realisation of various Social Responsibility actions and campaigns, always with the involvement and volunteering of its employees, namely:

  • Annually, sponsor an institution (elected by the employees) in order to raise funds so that it can acquire the resources it needs or develop voluntary actions that respond to other existing gaps In the last three years, these were the results: Instituto Monsenhor Airosa, APACI, Associação de São José – Centro de Apoio à Vida. In 2023, ETMA and its employees are sponsoring the Adolescere.
  • Occasionally develop and/or participate in various solidarity campaigns, such as: quarterly blood donation, beach clean-ups, empowerment dynamics, sponsorship of social causes, as well as proactive internal communication actions to raise awareness of the importance of supporting social causes.


ETMA’s commitment to continuously reinforce the path of environmental sustainability is not just new. It is under the motto TOGETHER TO PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT that, over the years, ETMA has been committed to training and motivating its employees in the application of good environmental practices, as well as seeking to influence customers, suppliers and partners to adopt responsible environmental and social behaviours and practices. This is demonstrated by a series of actions that have been developed for several years (click here to see them) and that reaffirm the company’s commitment to:

  • Identify and minimise environmental impacts arising from your activity;
  • Establish and monitor environmental objectives and targets defined in the environmental management plan, ensuring the necessary means to fulfil them. And to do so by continuously improving its environmental performance;
  • Promote the rational and efficient use of raw materials, energy and natural resources.

These are some examples of such practices:


After reading this article, it can be seen that ETMA’s Responsibility Policy aims to promote an articulated relation between the company, its employees, the surrounding community and other stakeholders.

In this sense, ETMA assumes its share of responsibility in raising the general welfare in terms of economic, social and environmental impact.